This workshop is a gentle and effective means to help people dissolve their fears and engage with the many complex issues surrounding death and dying. 

VISIONS AND STORIES FOR THE AFTERLIFE: Remapping the Journey - A Workshop 
This workshop is an opportunity to first examine afterlife beliefs and gently release any accompanying fears. Using visuals, music, meditation, journaling, creative expression, and discussion, people then are free to craft for themselves a New Afterlife Story that reflects a relationship with truth not colored by judgment and fear- a story founded on truth the honors respect, harmony, love, and acceptance. 


Interested? To learn more about upcoming workshops open to the public or to schedule a workshop for your group, contact Jane to request more information. 


Comments on our workshops 

"In our work here we obviously meet with many different views on the 'journey' of dying, and it was a helpful affirmation to hear some voices from around the world. . . . Since your workshop several people have commented on how enlightened and beautiful they found both that experience and your book." 

"We are still talking about how you created a special space for our feelings and questionings about death to flow, and your simple, kind, but direct approach to working with them. You gave us a lot to think about. . . . I am grateful both personally and for Hospice as a whole, because as the workshop unfolded, somehow I found answers to the questions I asked for myself, and those of our organization." 
Catherine Brennan RN, Director, HOSPICE of Martha's Vineyard

"The workshops provided our professional staff, both registered nurses and medical social workers, our volunteers and members of the general public an opportunity to learn about the beliefs of different cultures related to death and dying. Your beautiful storytelling and thoughtful questions helped the participants move to a quiet place within themselves to think and listen about these issues within their personal worlds. It was a wonderful opportunity to be reflective and grow!" 
Patricia A. Szucs, Vice President of Special Services, Hospice Atlanta

"Many of the staff who attended thanked me for arranging the program. From senior management to support staff, so many of my colleagues expressed that they not only gained new perspective on these issues professionally but also personally. My bereavement coordinator mentioned that he is using some of the stories from your book, Some Folk Say, in his work with families."
Renee Martinez RN, BSN, Administrator, Visiting Nurse Service of New York